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When visitors enter the Kent Washington Museum of Art in Kent, Washington, USA this month, they will be greeted by a collection of paintings by Native Americans of Cree origin. Their language calls into question the narrow view of Western art history.

Other artifacts date back to the 1880s and can also be found at the Kent Washington Museum of Art in Kent, Washington, USA.

Learn about military history, enjoy interactive exhibits and talk to the engineers who helped restore this rare 1935 war aircraft to its original condition. The museum, which focuses on the history of the US military and its role in World War II, includes a large collection of artifacts from the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Army Air Corps and Navy.

Make your trip to Kent unforgettable by buying your favourite accessories and goodies at this fantastic savings shop that helps community charities. Take a look at the daily calendar of the museum, which is full of fun programs that are always new and varied. We have compiled a list of affordable and free museum days that you would like to add to your calendar. Book Saturday mornings to visit the outdoor farmers market while you're on a sabbatical in Kent.

If you're a big fan of racing, make sure you visit the iconic Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum when you're in Kent on holiday. Consider the nation's only public museum dedicated exclusively to motor boat racing. If you want to learn about the origins of history, be sure to visit this one - or one - friendly site inKent. The Pickleball Museum is one of those "unique" sites we encourage you to visit, and If you've always wanted to learn about the country's origins and history, make sure you visit the excellent Pickle Ball Museum of Kent!

The museum, which has been open since 1983, houses a variety of historic seaplane exhibits as well as a large collection of historic seaplanes and racing boats.

The James Entomological Museum continues to enjoy recognition as the leading museum on the Pacific Coast as an outstanding entomological museum. In July, he was honored with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Museum of Natural History Award for Excellence. Inside, there is a museum dating from 1908 that houses a large collection of artifacts from the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Located in the former Army War Memorial Building at the University of Washington, this certified U, S. Army Museum preserves the legacy of the Pacific Northwest Army through exhibits and artifacts, including uniforms, weapons and other memorabilia.

Downtown Bainbridge is also just a step away, and guests can visit and study the University of Washington's Center for Natural History and Sciences and the U.S. Army Museum.

With over 150 hands - on exhibits spread over two floors of the Outdoor Discovery Center - you can do nothing wrong. The state has an exhibition for all tastes with a variety of exhibits, from the history and culture of the state to the latest scientific and technological findings.

Reducing that list to just 10 fascinating museums in Washington was quite a challenge, as it should have gone much further. At the Seattle Art Museum, you want to take your kiddos with you - because there is a complete art library. Be sure to visit the Centennial Center Gallery for a special exhibition on the history of Washington State and its history as a city.

The Seattle Art Museum has a collection of more than 1,000 works of art from around the world, from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.

The Puget Sound Navy Museum, located 10 miles south, consists of the Naval Museum and the US Coast Guard Museum of the Pacific Northwest. The Naval Underwater Museum, operated by the U.S. Navy's Naval Sea Systems Command (NSC) in Newport, Oregon, is the basis for the Marine Museum's collection of more than 1,000 artworks and artifacts, while the Marine Underwater Museum, located 10 miles north, was the base for its own collection.

The Seattle Art Museum comprises the Seattle Museum of Art's collection of more than 1,000 paintings, sculptures and other works of art, as well as the museum's own collection.

Considered one of the best automotive museums in the world, it houses a rotating automobile exhibition and a collection of artifacts representing over 100 years of history. The Seattle Museum of Art's new modern art museum is about to make a fresh start.

The Northwest Railway Museum has restored the Snoqualmie depot to its 1890s appearance and has given children an insight into their grandparents "journeys. The Philadelphia History Museum in Atwater Kent offers a look at Philadelphia's historical past that goes far beyond its founding fathers. Many schoolchildren return to the museum each year, recalling trips to Atwater's Kent as a fourth-grader.

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